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Next Generation Finance & Payment Solutions

The Xtreme Token boosts your crypto earning potential even higher with 120% staking rewards. Plus, you can boost your earnings on referrals and more.
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Earn Staking Reward on your crypto
Referral Earning
Best Liquidity in Market

Why Xtreme Token?

Do Less

Xtreme ecosystem creates smart contracts through the blockchain to make sure individual users get their cut.

Earn More

Start earning by doing what you already do. The more value your data generates, the more you earn.

Privacy Protection

We only deal with aggregated anonymous data, which means no personal, identifiable data will be shared. Your privacy is under our protection.

Xtreme Protocol

Xtreme Pay

Payment app for android and ios, making it easy to make any payment to merchant using QR

Xtreme Exchange

Web and mobile app with easy user experience for buy, sale and trader cryptocurrencies.

Xtreme Marketplace

The B2C marketplace for buy anything from market using xtreme token and other crypto as payment.

Xtreme Travel

The online platform for flight, hotel, rental and other travel activities booking.

Xtreme NFT

Mint your NFT and sale from our NFT marketplace.

Xtreme Meta

The metaverse with the utilization of Xtreme NFT and Xtreme Token.

Xtreme Academy

We provide education of blockchain, cryptocurrency and trading.

Xtreme Foundation

We aim to create an extreme foundation where blockchain technology can be used for philanthropy as a social contract for the all forms of social issues.


Token name:Xtreme Token
Blockchain:Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Total Token Supply:2,000,000,000
Contract Address:0x64Cfe8c9A23fBc4006b3BF1A2A83544335147097


Jan 2022
Project Kickoff
April 2022
Private Sales Start
July 2022
Public sales kickoff
August 2022
Listing on Exchange
December 2022
Merchant Payment Launch
April 2023
P2P Service Launch
June 2023
Travel Website Launch
October 2023
Xtreme Exchange Launch
Jan 2024
Xtreme Marketplace Launch
October 2024
First Release of Blockchain